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Juice Guidelines

Orleans Vapor Company Juice is made to order and may require steeping before reaching full potential! We ask that you please follow these simple guidelines to ensure you get the best experience possible.

When you first receive your package, SHAKE ALL bottle(s) well. Since each bottle is made to your liking, it does require a good shake!

Online orders
are NOT sitting on a Store shelf waiting to be put into a box. It may need to steep, if the flavor is not strong enough. Sit the bottle(s) in a cool dark place AWAY

FROM SUNLIGHT OR HEAT for a few week

Shake and try again

If you feel the flavor is a little too strong, take the cap OFF let it breathe overnight, replace it in the morning and repeat the process the next night. Shaking in between!

If you're getting a spicy taste, keep the cap ON, and place in the fridge overnight. Do not remove the lid.

Bottle Guidelines

Depending on you usage, the bottle tip may require snipping. Thick liquid going through a small hole, with pressure applied behind it can cause the tip to burst. This will result in loss of juice. SNIPPING a small portion off the tip will relieve the pressure. When filling a tank, another bottle, or applying hard pressure, please cut back the nipple of the bottle. Excessive pressure mixed with thick liquid, with a small spout will only mean the tip will come out and your juice will spill.


USP Grade Propylene Glycol
USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin
Natural and Artificial flavors
Nicotine (Optional)